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My Mothers Meeting Experience

The [sometimes] great world of social media. I had found the Mothers Meeting page on none other than Instagram and followed them instantly!
I wish I had found out about Mothers Meeting a year ago but better late than never.
A few days later I had scrolled through their website and got tickets to their free event - Does Super Mum Really Exist. Yes I repeat free, no money to pay, zilch, nought, none.
How amazing is that. 

Please do check out the Mothers Meeting website here, I promise you, you won't regret it.

So off bubba and I went to our first Mothers Meeting on the bus to Shoreditch House.
What a gorgeous building with such friendly staff too, they were so nice to Cai. Howeverrr, the membership prices are just a little out of my price range. Just by a few pounds or so :), but you can find out all about Shoreditch House here.

The event was held in the library and as soon as the door opened, it was pushchair central and I felt right at home. Plush sofas, gorgeous homely decor, free tea, coffee, water and The Pressery Almond Milk bottles on offer.

The event started with a small introduction by the larrrvely Jenny Scott (who had a nice pair of trainers on too - crep check), who started Mothers Meeting.

We were then introduced to a panel of mummies from different career backgrounds.

Jenny Lewis photographer, who has created a photographic series of mummies and babies, 24 hours after birth in their own homes. The pictures are beautiful and honest. What a lovely keepsake for you and your family also. More information about Jenny Lewis and One Day Young, can be found here.

The mummy who co-founded The Pressery may I say, started this business 4 months ago and is now, selling her yummy Almond milk in stores including, the dream, Selfridges! 

Emma Scott-Child who is a graphic designer and part of the This Is Lady Land Blog. Along with 5 other ladies, they have started a blog with all kinds of handy tips, recipes, alcoholic beverages and DIY's. This Is Lady Land are also weekly contributors on the Mothers Meeting webpage, do check them out.
Great looking blog with great content also.

After introductions, background information and questions from us mummies to the panel; we then began the Mothers Meetings questions, regarding our super mum thoughts/experiences/abilities.
The first and only question we got through was:

Do you enjoy motherhood? 

Each mummy was asked to state their
Best and worst parts of being a mummy

Some examples of the best parts are:
Watching them grow
Watching them learn how to do simple things we take for granted i.e shoe laces
Being surprised by how much you enjoy motherhood
Our children - plain and simple, was the best part for us all

Some examples of the worst parts are:
Lack of sleep
Mundanity of routine
Cooking all the time
Making new mummy friends
Getting out of the house 
Lack of time for yourself
...To name a few

Guess which was mine.

To be able to discuss your worst and best parts of motherhood with so many other mummies to children of different ages, was wonderful. Many of us shared the same thoughts, regarding pressures we put on ourselves throughout the motherhood journey.

There were 30 mummies there, majority with babies ranging from 3 weeks - 2+ years.
Now when my baby was 3 weeks old; I nearly had a meltdown taking my baby to the doctors, which is walking distance from home; yet alone all the way to Shoreditch for a coffee morning.
That is what I call a Supermum.

The thing I really appreciated, was that you can bring your baby with you to Mothers Meeting's. No need for babysitters/child care, or missing the event. The little ones can play with the other little ones, or do taekwondo with spoons like my son. As much as I love my son and his company, and also the bus journey there (I tend to drive especially when travelling with him), after he woke up, had a bottle that was it. Destructor awakened :). 

All in all he wasn't too bad, but I was so cautious as there were little babies there, that the last half hour of the meeting I didn't hear much, apart from my lil man running and stirring in tea cups. This is also the reason for the lack of pictures for this post.

I would recommend Mothers Meeting's to ALL. It was such a lovely non judgemental, comfortable atmosphere and being with that many other mummies, is just something special. A supportive and united place for mums, as sometimes meeting with other mummies can be exactly the opposite. 
My friends have been amazing to me throughout my motherhood journey, I sometimes feel bad to way laid them with all my worries, queries, annoyances etc. So being here is a chance to talk, listen to similar problems, offer and get advice and just feel that little bit less alone. 
I also found it so inspiring. At first I felt totally like a fish out of water as there were some really accomplished mummies there, and who am I? However I am so glad I stayed even through Cai's boisterous behaviour, as I now realise, so many things are possible.
You can definitely be a mummy and not lose your identity and also follow your dreams.
Cliche, maybe, but I wonder if this is possible often.

Motherhood is the BEST job, but not the easiest. We are all new mummies at some point, at every stage and age, we will be faced with something new. Something new to embrace and to overcome.
Daunting but so exciting at the same time. I mean, what am I going to be doing with a 6 year old. I've never mothered a 6 year old before. But isn't that the fun.

I do believe that Supermum's exist, in all of us. I will try to believe and wear that cape with pride. Who doesn't love a cape, they are not just Autumn/Winter coat alternatives :). 

I will definitely be attending as many Mothers Meeting's as I can, as they have different workshops and events throughout the year. Although for now, I may go without Cai, just to have some mummy time (yay school holidays are coming so daddy will be home woop woop). 

Thank you to Jenny Scott, what a wonderful place for us mummies to have.

I will keep you guys updated too on my Mothers Meeting's adventures.

Have you heard of, or been to any Mothers Meeting's?

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