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New Additions : Baby Edition IIII of IIII

For the final post in my Style Editions, here we have the new additions to my baby's wardrobe. 
As it is finally summer, Cai really only needed shorts and t-shirts. I do already have my eye on his winter bits which means there will be a wishlist soooon. 

After my experience in taking the pictures for my Mummy wardrobe additions, I knew my energiser bunny son would not keep still for non fuzzy pictures.
He does however enjoy taking selfies lol.

So here goes, Baby's new summer wardrobe additions. 

size  1 1/2 - 2yrs 

George T-shirts (gift)
size  1 1/2 - 2yrs 

Dark Grey Pj Bottoms (gift)
size  9 months but they fit him perfectly.

Navy Sesame Street shorts - gift from my Auntie in the States
size  2yrs they are on the large side but are a a great length.

H&M Cargo Shorts - £4.99 alternatives available here
size  1 1/2 - 2yrs they come up quite large but have string to tighten the shorts at the waist.

H&M Shorts - £4.99 
size  1 1/2 - 2yrs they again come up quite large. The drawstring tightens and keeps the shorts in place.

Hopefully you have seen in my previous posts my current sandal friend Mr Adidas pool slider. As daddy does not do sandals, I mean, somebody had to match.
So welcome, Mummy & Baby matching Adidas'. 

Adidas Adilette Play Sandals £16

I absolutely love these little sandals for Cai, he loves to have his toes out. They are of course black so they go with everything he has. I believe they are comfortable as he does seem to enjoy wearing them; he runs, jumps and hi-ya kicks in them too. I hope they are available next year as I will definitely re-purchase them for him.

There you have it, Cai's New Summer Additions. He has worn every item above so they have been tried and passed both the mummy & baby tests.

What do you think of Cai's new additions? 

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