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Mummy Uniform Part I of IIII

I love fashion.

However of late, this is something I have noticed I am not my usual self with. I'm finding it harder to find pieces I really like (need). It is now taking me so long to feel happy and comfortable with an outfit. I'm sure this is something to do with body insecurities too.....but that we will save for another post.

Now I'm a mummy, my time is not spent sitting down at a desk, on the bus, on the tube etc. My time out usually consists of running after a little person, swoop picking up said little person before he runs out the park gates, picking up said little persons water, toy, dummy, bot bots, shoe, jacket, blanket, crackers off the floor. Orrr if he decides he has had enough, rescuing said little person from his pram so he can explore the world. 

My baby exploring

Now as a lady I used to bend with the knees darling, straight back, dignity in tact. However now as a lady mummy ...... Well I don't even know how I bend as sometimes it is just in sheer panic and with an urgency to retrieve the interesting looking stone that my son would like to try and eat. 
So herein lies my problem - wearing suitable clothing that I am comfortable in and when bending and running after said little person, my lady parts are covered. 

My current Mummy Uniform usually consists of :

Leggings & jeggings
Tops & the odd shirt here and there
Dresses & skirts with tights
Black dress - Check
Black tights - Check
Skinny belt for a pop of colour - Check

I am also really enjoying these Adidas Adilette Pool Sandals. I think they look good with leggings or jeans and are super comfy. Isn't that what it's all about when you are mummy - comfort :)

Now that the temperature is on the up, nobody wants to be dying of heat around here. 
So what to wear, what to buy, for these summer months. 

Here are a few things I'm currently eying up.

1. H&M Long Cardigan £14.99
2. Dorothy Perkins Dusty Pink Midi Skirt  £22.00(also available in Tall)
5. Dorothy Perkins Paisley Boxpleat Dress £18.00 (also available in Tall)
6. Next Full Length Leggings £9.00 (also available in Tall)

1. New Look Inspire Bird Print Dress £14.99
2. Boohoo Black Dip Back Swing Dress £18.00
3. H&M Lace Dress £12.99
4. Dorothy Perkins Ink Stripe Cami Dress £20.00
5. Boohoo Sadie Floral Shift Dress £18.00
6. New Look Black Lace Strap Dress £19.99

Now I have never really been much of a longer length dress person apart from maxi dresses. However recently, I have really been loving midi skirts and dresses, so this is an exciting new venture for me.
I love dresses, they are my go to item in my wardrobe. 
Party wear, casual wear, night wear, work wear, any wear, a dress will do!

Hopefully some of the items above will make it into my mummy uniform for summer. 
I will keep you updated with what I add to my wardrobe, so do keep your eyes peeled.

Do you have any issues with your 'parenting outfits' & what kind of items do you wear when partaking in kiddie activities?

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