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Bria Organics Review

Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner

Hi guys,

We are currently in National Eczema Week 13th September to 21st September 2014.
My son Cairo has eczema and I thought I would share an amazing product that has really helped with his eczema.
This product has been tried, tested and thumbs up'd by me and my family.

My son is currently 1 yr and 8 months old and has suffered from eczema, pretty much from birth. We were prescribed many creams from the hospital and his doctor, from simple emollients to steroid creams. For the most part the steroid cream helped a little however, our doctor, Mal and I were quite reserved about using the steroid cream often. After a few months of using a mix of creams which didn't really work, my friend Ayesha (mentioned here) suggested we try a cream she found on good ol' facebook. I waited for Ayesh to give me her feedback on the cream before purchasing it for bubba and she had nothing but good things to report back. 
From there we were introduced to Bria Organics.

Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner
" Bria Organics, began as a mother's labour of love to find an effective 100% natural treatment for her baby son's eczema. After training in natural skincare she devised some unique recipes and with amazing results all round Bria Organics was born ". 
Bria Organics offer eczema and natural skincare products that are suitable, for not only adults, but children and babies too. The great thing about the products they offer are that they are natural, free from synthetics and artificial fragrances. 
We purchased the Relief, Repair & Replenish balm from Bria Organics website which is easy to use and navigate through.
We decided to go for the 60ml jar of the Relief, Repair & Replenish balm for £12.95 as we were testing out the product. We received our order within a week and got straight to business. 
I was really excited as I had heard such great things about this brand and I was impressed with the presentation and the look of the balm. 

" Over the years the Relief, Repair & Replenish balm has found some other uses other than eczema. It has been effective for psoriasis, general dry skin, dermatitis, burns, scalds, scars, cradle cap and dry scalp conditions thanks to it's healing, moisturising and calming properties ".

Some of the ingredients found in the Bria Organics Relief, Repair & Replenish balm are: 
Organic Rosehip Oil which has great skin repairing qualities.
Organic Borage Oil which has moisture retaining qualities and a high concentration of GLA a fatty acid that is vital for healthy skin.
Organic Beeswax which soothes irritated skin and creates a protective barrier without blocking the pores. 

Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner
Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner
Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner

 We started using the balm straight away on Cairo's face (which is where his eczema is most prominent) for 5 or so days. At first there was a little improvement as his skin appeared less irritated. We then decided to add a little of a cream we were prescribed from our Doctors called Diprobase, with the Bria Organics Relief, Repair & Replenish balm and well hello Mr Magic Man. 
Within 5 days, his face was transformed. No red or inflamed patches, super smooth, hydrated skin, which after seeing your little bubba with irritated, broken, itchy skin was a joy to witness. 
We use a mixture of approximately half Diprobase, half Relief, Repair & Replenish balm, to cream Cairo's face about 5/6 times a day and it is still working sooo well. If his eczema has a flare up we usually change the amount to, 1/4 Diprobase, 3/4 Relief, Repair & Replenish balm. 
We also use Bria Organics balm for any places we see Cai's little hands itching and as soon as the balm is on, the itching is gone. [I rhymed lol]. As the balm is a natural product there is no limit to how often you apply the balm, or limit to how much of the balm you apply, which is great.


(This was just a few days without using Bria Organics Relief, Repair & Replenish balm and Diprobase as we had run out)

Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner
Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner


(Picture taken exactly 7 days after the before pictures above)

Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner
Bria Organics Review - Mellies Corner

I call the Bria Organics Relief, Repair & Replenish balm our wonder cream, as we had been solely trialling Diprobase for a few weeks and it did not work by itself. 
The two together, for my son, are a dream match made in the cream heavens. 
 The Relief, Repair & Replenish balm has a thick consistency and a little really does go a long way. We find it best to slightly warm the balm between fingers before applying to Cairo's skin. Although you may think a 60ml jar sounds small it really does last a long while. We have upped our jar size to the 120ml (pictured above however not in real size) at £19.95 and we still have around a quarter left - we ordered this in early June 2014. 
The jars are perfect nappy bag or handbag sized, as they are not too bulky and hardly take up any room.
We use the 60ml jar to house a mix of the Diprobase and Relief, Repair & Replenish balm. We keep one jar in our changing bag and one jar in our bedroom which we refill as necessary. 

Bria Organics also has various products from baby bath & massage oil, hand salve, to room fragrances amongst other products. Within the Relief, Repair & Replenish range, a bath oil and body oil are also available. 
We will definitely be giving the bath oil a try as Mal is all about oils in Cai's baths at the moment. 

I am so happy my friend found Bria Organics and introduced us, as this product has really helped to change our sons eczema. He now hardly ever itches and sports pretty clear skin. 
Thank you Bria you are amaze-balls :) 

Please do check out Bria Organics at:

Have you used any Bria Organics products? 

** Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have not been sent any products to review. **

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