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Picnic Wish List

How gorgeous is the picture above. Now that is what I call a picnic. Lanterns and everything.
Nothing to me screams IT'S SUMMER more than a picnic.
I know many people will say what about bbq's, however my bestie is Greek and her family have bbq's all year round - spring, summer, autumn and winter :).

Now that Cai is older and the days warmer, we spend a lot more time in the park and it is such a great, inexpensive way to spend time together with family & friends. 

I also think it's so romantic to have a picnic with your partner or date. Although my picnic bag would probably contain mostly alcohol.
Mal, bubba and I haven't officially had a proper picnic yet and this year that is going to change. Mummy to the rescue.
So I have compiled a list of my picnic must-haves that will help complete my picnic desires.

5. Straws

You can get many of the items mentioned above in so many colours and designs. You can mix and match, match and match or just completely go for a rainbow selection.
Plastic plates, bowls and cups are so purse friendly, easy for children to use and reusable.
Food containers are one of my must haves as they help to keep food, snacks and fruit organised and separated.

For many years I have lusted after picnic hampers.
I just think they are so cute and remind me, of so many stories and books I used to read when I was a little un.

Hampers can however be more on the pricey side depending on what you want, as they usually provide plates, cutlery, drinking glasses and napkins for 2 people / 4 people, or larger groups. Hampers can also come with gorgeous prints or designs inside which gives them that shabby chic look. 

Asda currently have a great 2 person picnic hamper for £14.00 - available here
Larger stores like BHS and John Lewis, will offer you picnic hampers with more selections on designs, prints and sizes, but they also tend to come with more of a price tag. 
Keep your eyes peeled for sales and percents off. 

I also believe that you can D.I.Y your own hamper. With the help of a wicker basket and the items mentioned above in my picnic must haves, you will be well on your way.

I will keep you guys updated as to how we get along with our picnics this year. Hopefully the weather behaves.

Is there anything you use that helps you to feel summer picnic ready?

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