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Accessories & Me Part III of IIII

Accessories for me are the best part of an outfit. 
You can go crazy with colours, lengths, shapes or keep things really simple with a neat detailed piece. As a very simple dresser and a lover of black, I usually count on my accessories and or blazer, cardigan, kimono for an inject of colour.

I have always loved accessories but never really experimented with pieces other than necklaces and the odd hoop earring. I've always been and still am apprehensive, to wear things that may be a bit loud = make me stand out. However I am slowly learning to try to be less self conscious.

I fell in love with hair accessories & fascinators but never really had anywhere to wear them too (or so I thought). So cue a trip to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding and HELLO Mr Fascinator. 

How gorgeous is my cousin!

Cat Ears *Meooow*

This was taken in Amsterdam so *ahem* excuse the picture quality ;)

I even have a pair of black Minnie Mouse ears with a pink glittery bow, that I wore for my son's 1st birthday. It was Mickey Mouse themed lol. 

Here are a few of my current favourite accessories that I rotate between wearing. Some of the pieces were presents given to me by my lovely friends and boyfriend :).

Asos - Cat Ears
Kenza Accessories - Necklace
Primark - Gold 3 Tiered Necklace
Asos Curve - Bangle
Swarovski - Cat Broach
Blue Heart Broach 
Asos - Midi Finger Ring
YSL - Ring 
Michael Kors - Stud Earrings

As I am forever online window shopping, I have come across some gorgeous accessories for summer.
I hope to acquire a few of the pieces, but I'm so happy with the majority of the items I currently own. 

1. New Look - Gold & Cream Snakeskin Cuff £6.99
2. New Look - Gold Aztec Segment Necklace £5.99
3. Asos - Pom Pom Ears Hairband £10.00
4. Zara - Stones & Pearls Necklace £19.99
5. Zara - Rigid Hair Band £15.99
6. H&M - Earrings With Cuff £2.99
7. River Island - Gold Tone Triangle Midi Ring 2pk £2.00
8. River Island - Pink Metal Cuff Bracelet £6.99

I am going to try to be a good girl and not get sucked into emails with discount codes.
They are my WEAKNESS, especially when I've been eyeing something up for ages I take it as a sign my life needs that item :).

Are there any accessories which you always rely on or love, to help complete your outfit?

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