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New Additions : Mummy Edition III.5 of IIII

Hey hey hey everyone.

So for my last instalments of July's Style Editions, I wanted to show you guys what I and Cai have added to our wardrobes. Beginning with my mummy bits. 
These are items I have collected over the past couple of months but have not worn yet. 
I'm one of those people that will buy something and keep it in my wardrobe until I have somewhere to wear it too. I subconsciously forget I have bought the item and then greet it with a 'ooooh hello you'.

I do not like pictures, so taking these pictures below was a challenge; as I chose the completely wrong day to do this. 28 degrees outside in the sun, with a full face of make up and outfit changes. I was meeeeelllllttttiiinnnggg. Thankfully my mum and boyfriend were behind the scenes and being photographers for a few hours.
Cairo was also very helpful and was on cardigan and bag duty, although all he really did was pick plums. 

So here it is, my new additions to my Summer wardrobe. 

River Island Floral Cat Ears Headband £3 [Asos sale]
Alternatives here and here.

Necklace - Primark £4
Simple Gold Hoop Earrings - Primark £1
Really simple gold effect necklace and hoop earrings. I have repurchased Primark's earrings for years. They don't last an incredibly long time, but for the price they are great. 

Coral Bag - Primark £8
Black Longline Kimono - Boohoo £15 (alternatives here)
I think this Kimono from Boohoo is gorgeous. It is made of sheer fabric and is one the best simple throw over pieces I have. It is in my fav colour - Black :) and it is very light. As mentioned in my Mummy Uniform post, I am playing around with lengths and clothes that are more baby outing friendly, and this piece fills that criteria perfectly. 

Alice & You Dress £13 (on sale)
Swing dresses are my new great friends. They are again simple, no fuss - which is what I am all about. You can get them in an array of colours. I currently have the one above in black and grey also.

Black Bag - Primark £6

H&M Kaftan - £9.99 
Neon Yellow Bag - Primark £6
Absolutely loving this kaftan from H&M. The material, the length, the colour and the print are everythaaang.
As you can see I really liked the Neon Yellow and Black Primark bags. They have also proved themselves worthy as short term nappy bags too. I have used both bags when quickly popping out with bubba and they hold his toys, water, nappies, jacket and my mummy bits. 

Primark Cardigan £12
I know. Another Primark piece. They are just so cost effective right now and have caught my eye with so many things. 
This cardigan is perfect for those early evenings, late nights and is a great transitional piece for the Autumn/Winter months. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

What new items have you recently added to your wardrobe? 

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