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Bags : The Bargain Edit Part II of IIII

Ugghhh. I lurrrrve bags. Little bags, clutch bags, shoulder bags, biggggg bags they are all just yum.
I blame my mom for this :)

Since becoming a mummy, I have relied on my trusty Pink Lining yummy mummy bag EVERY DAY for the past year and a half. This bag gets used every single day even if we do not leave the house. I absolutely love it!
(I will do a separate post on our nappy bag soon).

As my lil man is getting older, it is slowly becoming more possible for us to have a little bit more mom/dad time or date nights.
I have started to eye ball some gorgeous bags, but I am not yet at the stage where I will spend too much money on one; as I know it will not be used regularly and will be taking up much needed space in my wardrobe.

Howeverrrr I just cannot stop lusting after bags and all their yummyness. 
I tend to only really buy my bags from the same places. Primark and H&M being the main places. Especially if I just need a standard non expensive bag, that I can over pack and not worry too much about breaking straps and interior care. 
If I have saved and saved and saved my pennies then I may splurge on a bag, which will be more of an investment piece. This will usually not follow any trends, have a classic design and style and just be something I have had my eye on for ages.

Here are a few little beauty's I have been eyeing up on the net recently. 

1. Mango Saffiano-Effect Shopper Bag £39.99
2. H&M Shoulder Bag £12.99
3. H&M Shopper Bag £14.99
4. New Look Black Formal Zip Front Backpack £19.99
5. New Look See Through Pineapple Tote £19.99
1. New Look Tropical Clutch Bag £12.99
2. Asos Real Leather Suede Fringe Clutch Bag £30.00
3. Zara Leather Pouch - Available in Various Colours and Currently In The Sale
4. River Island Coral Feather Cross Body Bag £30.00
5. River Island Asymmetric Bag £18.99

Just to make sure all is right with the universe and to ensure the worlds equilibrium is correct; I couldn't do this post without showing the two beauts that are:

Like I said ladies, saving pennies :)

Where do you tend to get your most useful affordable bags from?

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