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World Breastfeeding Week

Happy Sunday everyone. 

We are currently in: 
World Breastfeeding Week
1st - 7th August 2014

For me personally, I feel that whatever your thoughts and feelings towards breastfeeding are, I think that it is great to celebrate and recognise World Breastfeeding Week. 

Please do visit the World Breastfeeding Week website:
for more information regarding sustaining and increasing the protection and support of breastfeeding.

So many mothers have problems breastfeeding, feel uncomfortable breastfeeding outdoors to name but a few. I would love for us to get to a stage where breastfeeding is normalised.
It is such a natural and beautiful thing to be able to feed your child from your very body, however so many people still see breastfeeding as something that should be kept indoors, which is such a shame.
There are so many amazing reasons why you should breastfeed. Although this is down to personal choice and is not always possible for everyone to breastfeed either. Breastfeeding helps to support and promote healthy benefits for you and your baby. 

The internet is such a great place at times for answers, views and other peoples experiences. However do not forget we have access to many professionals who can also give you helpful advice. 

I did not have the best experience with breastfeeding unfortunately. I will explain all soon but wanted to bring you guys up to speed, as I have started this blog when my bubba is 1yr+. 
That's nearly a whole year of catching up to do, good thing I like to talk :). 

This month I will be delving into the archives and talking about my pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences. 

If you would also like me to do my birth story, please do let me know :).

So here's to a great week, supporting BREASTFEEDING. 

Do also check out the Unicef website: 
They have a great post supporting World Breastfeeding Week with gorgeous images too. 


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