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Monday Mani : Festive Edition V

Hey guys here is my fifth and final instalment of festive edition Monday manis. For the month of December I have been letting you guys know what festive nail looks I have been wearing.

For the final week we have the :
Celebration 2-14 mani

This week it's all about saying goodbye to the year 2014 and getting ready to welcome in a new year! How quick did that come round ey? I wanted to try new nail polishes that I would normally stay far from for my last nail looks of 2014.
The 1st of January 2015 will also mark mine and Mal's anniversary, so I'm wanting the nails to be quite pretty for that occasion too.
Whenever I think of New Years Eve I always think of Will Smith Will 2k video. Him in the metallic silver top and hardware I wanted to try to recreate some form of metallic love for my nails too. Scroll on down as I've left the video below, a nice little throwback tune for ya.

As I couldn't decide on one nail look I have two options here.

For the first look I have used Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil.
Now I really really like this nail polish. I think it is so glamorous and something a little different. The only thing with this nail polish is that it applies quite streaky. I am not sure if this is something that gets better with practise, but brush strokes are definitely visible for me. Other than that the formula itself is classic Barry M, quite a thick consistency that dries pretty quickly. Not the easiest to apply due to not wanting visible brush strokes, but opaque after 2 coats. I also think the foil/silver colour will suit all skin types as it is a vibrant, radiant colour.

For the second look I have used J nail polish and Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil for the dots.
I bought this J nail polish in a hair shop for 99p. Oh the joys. For my 99p, my nail polish did not come with a name, but I would describe it as a navy blue shade. I do love a good 'dotticure', when done using complimentary shades they can look rather fetch. Yes I did say fetch :). I didn't want something too obvious, so chose to stick to dark colours with a futuristic hint, hence the silver dots. I personally love using dots to create some nail art as they are super simple to do. I cannot do nail art but find the dots super simple. I start from the middle and move onto each side of the nail using a pen dipped in the nail polish colour of my choice to create the dots. I do have my eye on a dotting tool that will hopefully be added to my nail collection soon.
[Inside note : I don't feel I have pained my nails the best here. I did want to paint my nails again as my dots were not similar on the each nail, but Mal laughed and said no one would mind so here's hoping they still look okay].

What do you think of my Celebration 2-14 nails?

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