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Christmas Gifts £25 & Under : For Him

Hello lovelies. 

I am back with another, smaller set of great presents, all for the lucky men in our lives. I find it so difficult to shop for men sometimes. Women are much more simple I find and there is so much out there catered to the ladies that won't break the bank. 

Nevertheless, I have found some wonders that come under £25, as ideas on what to get the lovely men in our lives this Christmas. 

  • Babyliss for Men Grooming Kit £15.99 - This is a great grooming set at an even greater price. This grooming set comes with many many extras, 4 interchangeable cutting heads, precision trimmer, nose & ear trimmer and a cleaning brush to name a few. This will make a great gift for any in-house barbers you may have. 
  • French Connection Scarf £18 - A really simple, but ever so practical gift - The Winter Scarf. You all know I am a lover of all things black and this scarf just has a small grey crown detail towards the bottom of the scarf. 
  • Nivea Men Cool, Calm and Moisturised Gift Set £6.67  - I think mens skincare is quite over looked in one hand and very over indulged in the other. However I feel it is safe to say that in good old England, in the colder months the winter really does affect your skin. You may need to rely on a more moisturising cream to keep skin looking supple. Here we have a great skincare set for MEN, that would make a great stocking filler or smaller present. This set includes a re hydrating moisturiser, deep clean face wash and a shaving gel. Oooo wouldn't this work well with the Babyliss grooming kit above *wink wink*. 
  • Velvet Bow Tie £17.99 - These ties pictured here are both little velvet beauties form Zara. I do love velvet on a man I tell ya. I think these are a great way to help integrate some texture into a mans wardrobe if they are maybe a little sceptical about wearing a more heavily velveted piece of clothing. In great colours also, you can't ever go wrong with black as it goes with everything. The deep red bow tie would work so well for this winter festive season.  
  • Aesop Post-Poo Drops £20 - This is something unashamedly I am going to buy for my household. I mean this is just a genius unisex product. I also love the packaging the drops are housed in. Do not let the name put you off as this bottle contains an aromatic botanical bathroom deodoriser. In layman's terms, it is similar to an air freshener/atmosphere freshener. The drops are described as having a crisp citrus scent. I think this product will also speak to the little juvenile corner of all men, therefore making a great gifts for the fellas. 
  • Asos 2 Pack Socks with Kelloggs Print £8 - Again another great smaller present or secret santa gift for the boys. Asos have a wide choice of character socks, from Garfield to Star Wars to floral prints for men. I personally love them all, and as they do matching women's, how cute would that be to wear with your other half. *Can anyone say twinning*. Men always need socks, my partner just seems to have a never ending supply of socks, so socks are always a safe and practical gift option that you can inject some fun with. 

  • Yankee On Tap Candle £19.99 - Who loves Yankee Candles. We all love yankee Candles. I think they are just full of so much yummyness (when you have picked the right scent for you that is) and some of that yummyness can be spread to the men in our lives also. There are many scents that are more aimed at females that men love too - your cinnamon's, gingerbread's, vanilla's etc. However this is the first candle I have seen from Yankee that is for MEN. What better scent to have for men than the cool, golden aroma of freshly poured draft beer, if he is a beer lover. There are so many lovely candles out there, from many brands that I think candles can make a nice gift for a man too. And who doesn't want their house to smell of all the nice things. 

I have tried to steer away from clothing for both my gift ideas for her & for him as clothing is so personal and quite the obvious choice, I wanted to have some alternative options. 

For this section we have the more luxurious gifts. 
A.k.a the Bonus Gifts. 
A.k.a the gifts you will consider when the men in your life may have done the dishes without being asked, they may have hoovered and cooked dinner without any hints needing to be dropped. All those extra little nice treats they may have bought you, fellas we do notice and this is where we may decide to spend that little bit extra on you :). 
I also find it a little more difficult than with women or children, to find men reasonably priced presents. Sometimes a good pair of  basic jeans for them could be from £60 plus. I mean no.

These gifts definitely do supersede my £25 budget (above) but are also great options for those that may want to shell out a little more this Christmas. 

  • Tom Ford Black Noir £62 - £80 - I love me some Tom Ford and I am personally sharing the Tom Ford love here with this aftershave for men. With base notes of vanilla, and patchouli, this aftershave is described as an oriental sensual fragrance. Buying aftershave for your special man/men makes for a great present and also ensures your nostrils are blessed with smelling some great aftershave. We all love a good smelling man, I could sniff mal for ages, he smells well yummy.
  • PS4 Grand Theft Auto V £45.99 - Now, I am not going to lie as I was all the way surprised when I saw that the average price for console games is from £40 up. I mean do you know what that £40 could buy, but seeing as men can spend soooooo many hours on the PS4/PS3/Xbox 
    One and what ever else they play for hours on end, I suppose you get the moneys worth? What better gift if your man is a game lover, than a game. They have recently released Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 which can make for a happy fella, if they do not have it already. With so many games on the market and limited editions the world really is your oyster. 
  • Obey Snapback £30 - This is quite a you either love or hate item. In my family it is a definite love. I think there is something that bit neater about a snapback than the fitted caps. This is also a great gift idea for any little brothers, nephews or cousins you may have. There are a crazy amount of hat designs, styles and brands to choose from, and are quite reasonably priced.
  • Nike Air Huarache £85 // Adidas ZX Flux £65  - Trainers, trainers, trainers. They all love trainers. Safe option - tick. Practical - tick. Will get you brownie points - tick. Too many choices, too many colours, too many styles, you really are spoilt for choice with these. So ladies do pay attention when the men in life mention the trainers they are currently ogling, and be prepared for the hefty price tag that some of them come with. They are gorgeous things though aren't they and so much more comfortable than the shoes we wear.

Ta Dah. There you have it, my christmas gift ideas for the men in our lives. 
I hope some of this was helpful and you were able to get a small gift idea from my choices above. 

What are your favourite items from my gifts ideas, for him? 

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