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Bye Bye 2014

So here we are December 31st 2014. The last day of this year......and what a year it has been. 

2014 has been a good year. 
The year of change (for me). 
Mal and I were reunited and it feels so gooood - shoutout to Peaches & Herb.
Watching my little boy grow, develop and learn so much has been so amazing. 

This year has also helped me to learn to reflect, a lot better. 

I have started blogging and studying again 
I loves it.

I am learning and starting to re find Mel again, although I am a mum number 1, it's always nice to remember and enjoy doing things for you. 

With each passing year, we all get strangely reflective in the latter weeks. 
Did we do enough?
Was this year a good year?
Did I make the most out of it?
As we will never see 2014 again. 

So with entering into a new year I wish to keep positive, focused, motivated and enjoy being inspired by the wonderful world we live in. It really is such a beauty. 
I am looking forward to gracing new milestones with my son, living life with my boys, loving them, and our families, along with painting my nails a plethora or colours :). 

Embracing change, learning to understand what I can and let go of the things I cannot.
Just being happy. 

2015 I'm looking forward to ya. 

Are there any things you are looking forward to for the New Year? 

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