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#Caimas : Our Small Christmas Decorations

Hey guys, 

I thought I would do a small post on our #Caimas Christmas decorations this year. As it will be #Caimas - [Cairo's birthday and Christmas all in one], I plan to get a few balloons and birthday type decorations too, but oh so typical, I've left that till the last minute. 
This is the first year in about 15 or more years that we will have a little Christmas tree up at home. 
Last year, there was just no point in decorating our home with decorations other than tinsel, as my little man would have DESTROYED them lol. We don't call him destructor for nothing. 

So this year as he is older and listens wayyy better, I thought I would bring a little festivity to our home. I will not be putting up our little tree until Christmas Eve just so bubs knows that this is something a little special. It is also the first Christmas that we will be celebrating without our papa bear due to his faith, so with keeping that in mind and compromising, I still wanted to decorate a little, but without it being too in your face. 
Space is also limited at home so I was after something small and festive, but not too overly christmassy. I also wanted something that wouldn't be too much bother to put up, decorate and take down within a day or two. 

I am super girly, I love all things pink, glittery, sparkly you name it. However I wanted to incorporate some decorations that I knew my son would love to, so I didn't go overboard on the pink sparkle although there were many items tempting me. 

So do read on to see how I intend to decorate our Christmas Tree this year. 

Gingerbread Woman Christmas Decoration
Sparkly Donut Christmas Decoration Glitter Diamond Shape Christmas Decoration

Gingerbread Woman  //  Donut  //  Glitter Diamond Shapes

Bell Ski's Christmas Decoration
Cheeky Fox Christmas Decoration
Penguin Christmas Decoration

Bell Ski's  //  Cheeky Fox  //  Penguin 

Robot Christmas Decoration
Robot Christmas Decoration
Sarah Baily Christmas Decoration

Robot  //  Metallic Leather star

12 pack Shatterproof Christmas Baubles

12 pack Gold Shatterproof Baubles 
*Must have* 

Pink & Black Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Pink & Black Reindeer  
I have been after small glitter reindeer ornaments for years! Never bought them as we have never really decorated for Christmas since I was a little girl. But oh did I make up for the wait with these two. They are so cute.

Cai was also pretty intrigued with the pink deer looking thing. New toys mum? 

My decorations will be going up on a 3ft pre-lit Christmas tree I purchased from Asda for the small price of £5. As mentioned above I wanted something small due to lack of space and a 3ft tree is perfect, as it can sit on top of the table, out of harms way - or should I say, a little person called Cai's way. 

The majority of my decorations were purchased from Asda from £1 - £2. 
The pink & black reindeer are from Wilko £4
The metallic leather star is from Sarah Baily £4

I will definitely show you the finished product once the tree and decorations are up; so do keep your eyes peeled.

Asda 3ft pre-lit Christmas Tree

 How are you planning to decorate for Christmas this year? 

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  1. why am I in love with that dounut decoration??? your pieces are soooo cute!!!

    1. Thank you Alex. The donut is super cute isn't it. Almost simpsons like :) x