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Monthly Wishes : March

This month I don't think we are after much actually.....well....let's rephrase that. I think we have been much more practical with our March choices.

The sun is finally peeping it's little head, so do keep your eyes peeled on my blog for some brighter and more Springish type wants.

Here are our March Wishes :

Cai : 

We heard some of this book being read on CBeebies and the story was so cute. I also love that the little girl featured in this book is multi-cultural. 
Cai is not into getting his hair washed at all at the moment, which I can understand as who likes water  : conditioner mix running in their face. We wash Cai's hair fortnightly so this little gadget is on our Wishes as I no longer wish to see him cry and hear said cry when washing his hair. I also remember having one of these bad boys when my mum used to wash my hair and it made hair time a joy. 

Me : 

The pointy flats 
These shoes are just so gorgeous! Finally flat shoes are getting some over due design love, as it's not everyday heels ladies. I want want want want them, but a slight problemo. No size for Mel. I am shedding a quick tear while I keep my eyes out for something similar my feet can fit into. How cute is the gold toned ankle strap too ughhh.

Us :

How glorious is this little mac jacket for Cai. As I'm typing this I have another window open with this beauty in my basket. It has a great waxy feel to it and the colour is just the right yellow. Cannot wait to add this to little mans wardrobe. 

The boyfriend & Me
Mal and I have both been after a bomber jacket for ages, but we are so picky with our styles lol. I like something tighter at the bottom with a loose arm and chest area - homage to the early 90's. I also like gold hardware on ANYTHING so that is a must. As these bomber jackets can retail on the high street from prices £60+ you do want one that fits into all your bomber jacket needs, but those prices are also why I haven't indulged in one yet. However I am going to have a good search through EBay and some markets for a more purse friendly option - if I am successful I will update you too :). 

I would love to know what things may be on your March Wishes. 

Have you used any of the above items?

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