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Top 5 Disney Villains

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner
Hey hey ya'll .

Mal and I have such a great love for Disney films and songs (who doesn't) and cannot wait to watch them all with Cai, with singalongs and memorised words too.
We all recently, finally, watched Tangled, and as the film developed, so did our conversations about the great Disney films.

We in particular talked about their villains and how deep and callous the story lines are. Although many of the stories in the Disney films were made into more light and happy ending adaptations from their predecessors. Mr Walt Disney and team made it their job to beautifully tell these sad and dark tales amidst all the fairy lights, amazing animations, dancing and epic songs. As I know when I was younger I did not care that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger unwillingly or that Pochontas was a mere child of 11 running off with a man - Mr Snow to do who knows what.

So with that being said, Mal & I wanted to count down and share our Top 5 Disney Villains, so keep reading for the reveal :).

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner

5. Mother Gothel - Tangled

As stated above we recently watched Tangled and I actually really enjoyed it, but a few minutes in, we were already in great dislike for this woman - Mother Gothel. Obsessed with not ageing, she stole the baby Princess and kept her in a tower, climbed up her ridiculously long hair for years, decreased her age from said long hair, knife attacks, the works. What a bitch.

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner

4. Claude Frollo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Killer of the gypsies with a perverse fixation for the gorgeous Esmerelda. This man was a very sad, sick man, who's only good in life (well in the movie) was keeping Quasimodo alive. In the end he stooped so low, that he broke ties with his only ally....God.

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner

3. Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty [Disney Animation]

Now Maleficent is a weird one as many of the other Disney villains had motives for their disturbed actions, however, Maleficent was just evil. She wanted blood, suffering, death, people to fear her for no reason, other than being the "mistress of all evil!".
Maleficent 2014 the dark fantasy fronted by Angelina Jolie gave us an alternate twist to the Maleficent tale, and in many ways made the viewer empathise with her. However from 1959 which is when the original Sleeping Beauty was released I doubt it would have taken over 50 years for the truth to come out about Maleficent, therefore solidifying her place within our Top 5 Villains.

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner

2. Ursula - Little Mermaid

In at numero dos. We have the one and only.....Ursula.
Sea witch of the enchanted under water kingdom. Ursula living amongst the souls of the many lives she has taken, plots to take over and reign within the kingdom. She lives/thrives of peoples ambitions and in turn traps them as creatures in her lair. In one of the classic Disney villain songs she admits to using her witchcraft on the 'miserable, lonely & depressed pathetic poor unfortunate souls'. Going out of her way to ensure her victims fall to a life of suffering, Ursula uses her 'magic' and wickedness to capture many a victim, but falling under her own gargantuan ideas and greed too.

Top 5 Disney Villains - Mellies Corner

1. Scar - Lion King

Making Shere Khan look like a pussy cat. Scar was the most ruthless of them all.
A brother. An uncle. A hater. Scar was a bastard.
Lacking for physical dominance, Scar makes up with his sadistic intellect and manipulation of all those around him. Hatching a plan to assure the demise of his loving ruling brother Mufasa.
Being in a privileged position, Scar was able to manoeuvre Mufasa and Simba like a skilled puppeteer from the shadows. If the fatal scene does not make you question life, and wet the eyes with tears, I don't know what will. Scar is the most vicious of them all and ever so deserving of the top spot on our Disney villain countdown.

We would love to know what Disney villains you like or hate, so please do feel free to comment below and let us know.

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