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My Pregnancy 101

I had an amazing pregnancy and loved every moment of it.
I know it was a while ago but I remember my pregnancy like it was yesterday.
It was the start of the best experience of my life - motherhood.
As I have started this blog when my baby is 1+ years old, I wanted to catch you guys up and hopefully, you will get to know me a bit better too.
On my previous blog I used to answer weekly questions about my pregnancy, so I thought in keeping with that tradition, I would do a follow up post on my pregnancy in full.

So here goes my pregnancy journey:

Total weight gain?
Around 5kg.
At my last hospital appointment, the midwife could not believe that I had only gained around 5kg and weighed me twice on two different scales just to be sure lol. I think due to me being plus sized she expected there to be a bigger weight gain, but I had been conscious of what I was eating. 

Stretch marks?
I had stretch marks before my pregnancy so these were nothing new. I did gain a few new stretch marks when pregnant but nothing overly bothersome. 

Sleep was such a necessary attractive function of pregnancy. 
Until my third trimester I was sleeping pretty well, although definitely missing sleeping on my stomach. After 30 weeks pregnant, sleep was so uncomfortable. Finding a position that both you and baby were happy with took time and a lot of manoeuvring. Manoeuvring when pregnant and sleepy in bed was just a task in itself. I used to have to roll and climb off the bed backwards when getting up :).
I found sleeping most comfortable on my left side with a pillow between my legs or under my waist. 

How did you find out you were expecting?
Mal and I were together for 2+ years when we found out we were expecting. Bubba was not planned but was oh so welcome. 
I found out I was pregnant in April 2012. I initially thought I had food poisoning because I was soooo sick. Sick sick sick. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I literally told so many people to not go to that certain restaurant :( I have since told them the real reason for my 'food poisoning' lol.
After my alleged food poisoning I realised my period was late which is quite strange for me. I bought 3 pregnancy tests, 2 of which I took at work and they came out negative as I had done them wrong (hangs head in shame). As soon as I saw the word positive on the third test which I took at home, I felt extreme shock, nerves, excitement and anxiousness.
Mal at first was so shocked especially as I took the test when he went to the shop. I was convinced it would be negative (again), as I thought the food poisoning was still coming out of my system, little did I know ey. My mum also took the news really well and was so supportive.

At the beginning - KFC hot wings. I know, really bad, but oh so yummy.
Tuna and sweetcorn baguettes, but I didn't have one throughout my whole pregnancy, as I did not want to have any mayonnaise while pregnant. 
Fruit was my major craving! In particular berries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries yummers! Mal used to buy me little fruit packs to take to work - glorious days.
I also drank a lot of water, I tried to have at least 2 litres a day so you can imagine the water : toilet ratio.

Belly button in or out?
My belly button remained an innie.

Wedding rings on or off?
No wedding ring, but my everyday rings remained on throughout my pregnancy. 

Did anything make you queasy or sick?
For around the first 19 weeks, every morning as I'd step into the bathroom I would just feel so sick, but I never threw up.
I also had a metallicy type taste in my mouth at times that would make me feel so queasy, but cherry drops soon sorted that out.

Pregnancy symptoms?
I only had morning sickness once. My pregnancy symptoms were very kind to me and I was very lucky to have a plain sailing pregnancy. 
Indigestion & Heartburn were the main things I contended with, the little ba*tards.
Itchy nipples at times. What is that about. Not an easy place to itch when in public.
The need to pee is immense. Do not underestimate this at all! As you drink you will need the loo. The more pregnant you get the more you will need to pee too. So be careful when laughing and doing normal things like coughing or sneezing. I cannot lie 2 weeks before I gave birth, I sneezed and yeah lol......

Oh yes. Cai was very active. Bumping all over the place. At our 12 week scan, the nurse could not check him over properly as he was bumbling everywhere. He has always been a very active baby and that has definitely followed through to toddler hood. 

Baby's gender - did you find out?
Yes we did. Personally life is so full of surprises, this is not one we wanted to be surprised by. We wanted to be as prepared as we could, so finding out baby's gender was important to my partner and I. 
Cai revealed all to us at our 20 week scan. There was no searching for anything as he proudly flaunted his balls and willy all over the screen :).

Naming baby?
Since I was a little girl, I had always said my first born would be called Santana. 
Forward 18+ years and I meet my love Mal, who unequivocally said "No child of his would be called Santana!"
So after many sad faces :( it was back to the drawing board. 
I was sat at my aunties house and we started to read through name lists on the internet.
As soon as I heard Cairo I said yessssss. That's his name. Text my love and luckily he liked it too. So that is where your name comes from bubba, sorry it's not more exciting. 

Labour signs?
In the late stages of my pregnancy as my body was preparing for labour, I did get tightening around my stomach area, and a little pressure down there. 
Braxton Hicks were also present during my last couple of weeks of pregnancy.
I did get contractions the night before I went into labour. They were every 10 minutes, then every 20 minutes then slowly died down. I knew I was in early labour when/as my waters broke but I thought I had pee'd myself and shortly after that I started to get regular contractions, so there was no more denying.

Happy or moody most of the time?
I would like to believe I was happy most of the time. However sometimes your body is just so overcome with hormones you turn into a snappy short fused pregnant lady. Sorry Mal. 
If I did start to worry or feel stressed I would become quite moody, which I would then feel bad about as I didn't want to pass on those feelings to my baby. 
I did cry a lot more too especially at TV and films. I could not sit through one episode of One Born Every Minute as I would be sobbing my eyes out. 

Looking forward to?
I was most looking forward to meeting my son. Seeing him in the flesh, holding him and loving him. I could not even dream what he looked like. I could never envisage who or what he would look like, and I was completely blown away when I saw him for the first time with his pouty lips. My little angel. 

Favourite pregnancy activities?
Aqua Natal classes.
Oh how I loved my Aqua Natal classes. The instructor was amazing and the warm pool was just the best! As soon as I would enter where the class was held (the baby pool) I would feel immediately relaxed. Any stresses or worries I had went away after that 1 hour in the pool.
I also stand firm by the exercises we done there. The breathing techniques we done in class, helped me get through labour. Learning and practising how to clear your mind and focus on your breathing, was what got me through each and every contraction and there were many of them. 
I would recommend Aqua Natal classes to every pregnant mummy. I have not properly swam for years and I am not even sure if I remember how to, but you can partake if you are a fish to water or just a mere human like me.

What did you miss when pregnant?
Sleeping on my front, as that is my sleep position. 
Being able to bend and manoeuvre properly, seeing and painting my toes. 
Being able to eat certain things without indigestion or heartburn particularly pineapple. 
Tuna and sweetcorn baguettes lol.

Miss anything about being pregnant?
I really miss being pregnant. At first I thought I was a complete weirdo for this but realised it is quite a 'normal' thing to miss. I miss rubbing my bump, talking to my bump, getting kicked and poked. I miss it all, but can definitely wait another few years for another little bundle. 
The nail and hair growth was just spectacular too. My nails were so long, strong and healthy. Pregnancy also provided my hair with much needed thickness which I greatly appreciate.

Goodbye toes at 6 months pregnant. 
Bump love <3

Best moments?
Honestly. Everything. I loved every minute of being pregnant. So many special memories and moments that will last me a lifetime. 
Finding out baby's gender, seeing Mal's face when he found out we were having a boy, all the scans, feeling his first little kicks, him kicking daddy in the head when he used to lay on my bump. 
It was all just so magical. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading my pregnancy journey. If any of you answer the above questions, or have done a pregnancy journey, please do let me know I would love to read others. 

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