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Memoirs of a Pregnant Lady

Hiya guys.
As mentioned in my World Breastfeeding Week post, I thought the best place to start with my catch up would be my pregnancy.

When I was pregnant as I became so obsessed and joyful with the changes in my life I started a blog.

I wanted somewhere, where I could document my pregnancy, put my thoughts out into the universe, connect to other mummies or mummies to be. Thus, my first blog was born:

Memoirs of a Pregnant Lady

Here's a little sneak peek :)

I absolutely loved being pregnant and giving birth. 
The most amazing experiences of my life! 
I have never felt so in tune with my body, so amazed at my body and so grateful to my body. It is so crazy as the thing I've always had a problem with and wished would change [my body], is the thing that helped me to carry a miracle for 9+ months. 
Thank you body.

I had waited until I was in my third trimester and began to blog with my weekly pregnancy updates and a few other posts.
I was so nervous about starting a blog as there are some amazing blogs out there. However I do believe there is space for us all on the blogosphere.

Although my blog was nothing fancy, and didn't house many posts, I still throughly enjoyed it. 
It is such a nice way to put your thoughts out there into the atmosphere, get something off your chest, share things with others (well hopefully people read my blog) and have something to look back at over the years.
Even reading my old blog now provides me with so many smiles and instant memories. I cannot wait to read my posts back in 5 years from now. I'll probably cringe , but isn't that all part of the fun.
Knowing that I am also able to document my pregnancy and new mummy quibbles in a place, where my son will also be able to see them is something I love too. 

I unfortunately didn't continue to blog once I had had my baby.
Things were not as straight forward as we were hoping for after his birth and once we had got home, my mind was completely in mummy and adjustment mode. 
Having a baby is really such a life changer. BABY BRAIN IS REAL GUYS! I'm still suffering now :).
I could barely remember my name yet alone content for blog posts.

Sooo over a year later here we are, in full force (again) with Mellies Corner. 

Instead of overloading you guys with screen shots of my previous blog. Please do visit my previous blog to see my old posts at:


Is there anything you used to view as a problem that you are now so proud of?

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