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Sneaky Peeky Snippets : 21.07.2014 - 03.08.2014

Hi guys,
Another fortnightly catch up for you. 

Cai and I are both so over joyed as papa bear is now on holidays :).
We have him every day for the next couple of weeks. 
It is so lovely to spend time together the 3 of us in the morning, afternoon, evenings or night lol. 
Cai absolutely loves it to, I am again being called Daddy though. Thanks son. 

So this summer holiday we wanted to try and get out and about a bit more with Cai, discovering what London has in store for us. 

Our past two weeks have contained:

- Cinema with Perry & Madison (Cai's godparents) to see Transformers. No pictures but I really did enjoy the film and my Ice Blast. Does anyone go to the cinema and not get an Ice Blast? They are just yummy. 
If you don't know what they are, there is a link here of the Ice Blast in all its frozen glory. 

- Wearing my adilettes with a lace dress. 

- Bubba picking plums from the garden with Auntie P. 


 - Making my first ever plum crumble. I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Damn baby brain. 


- Garden fun

- Crying bubba, because mummy did not pick him up.....






Which then transformed into a happy bubba once he was in arms and scoffing plums.
Isn't motherhood glamorous. 


- Cai's pasta with peppers, a little spinach in a tomato and basil sauce. 

- Another amaze-balls Mothers Meeting, Let's talk about sex and we definitely did. 
Read my write up here if you haven't already.

- After the Mothers Meeting in Shoreditch House, I went and had a Pina Colada in Juno Bar by myself yum yum yum. 

- My boys then came to meet me in Shoreditch where we had lunch at Byron. 
Cai was very well behaved and ate onion rings, which was interesting. 

- Kidnapped by Nouna aka Poumy and loving his banana.

- We love Mega Bloks in this house. We recieved 2 packs of Mega Bloks as gifts and keep one in the car when we are going out. Cai is getting so good at building towers. 

- Cai enjoying the weather, he went topless. Check the little nappy and his pose. 

- Brunch with my boys in Stoke Newington. Cai had some tea and we had the garden area all to ourselves. Was a lovely day!

- Daddy blogged :). If you have't seen it already click here.

Hope you have had a great fortnight

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