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Pregnancy Saviours

I started a blog when I was pregnant, Memoirs of a Pregnant Lady [interesting title eh?]. 
I had drafted the below post but did not end up posting it on the blog, as I was waiting until I had given birth. However once baby was here, my mind was totally not able to blog or post anything at that time. 
As I am trying to catch you guys up with the missing years, a great chunk of which I spent pregnant :), I thought I would finally post my pregnancy saviours. 

I have also reflected on the post with memories from my pregnancy and everything below is still correct and was as important as stated below. 

For every pregnant lady or mummy, I am sure there are things that you just could not have imagined
getting through your pregnancy without. I know I sure did, and here are mine:


Oh the joys water brought me throughout my pregnancy, apart from making me dash to the loo more often. 
Water helped me with heartburn, that queasy feeling and general thirst/hydration.
When pregnant I drank at least 2 litres a day. 

Pregnacare Plus

From my my twelfth week of pregnancy I religiously used these pregnancy supplements - Pregnacare Plus
I loved that these 2 little pills contained all the vitamins that are recommended for bubba and I during pregnancy. I had hoped to move on to Vitabiotics New Mom or Breastfeeding vitamins once I had given birth, but unfortunatly I didn't. I completely forgot that after birth I could have taken supplements that could have helped me following pregnancy. 

Pregnancy App's

How I loveeeed these pregnancy apps. I used pregnancy app's from the very early stages of my pregnancy. My favourite being Babycentre. They have such useful everyday information and facts. They also do a great run down of the weeks developments, when you hit your weekly pregnancy milestone. They provide you with tasks for the day which help to remind you to do KEGELS :), make special time for you and your partner, treat yourself, do some exercise etc, which I found so helpful.  
Baby Bump Pro is also a useful app which has a kick & contraction counter, a place to track and record your weight amongst other useful functions. I used this app when I was in labour and the contraction counter was easy to use and I still have the records till this day.

My inconsistent contraction tracking.

Pregnancy Forums

Pregnancy forums can be found through the internet and some pregnancy app's. My forum of choice is within the Babycentre app. I am part of the December 2012 group and Pregnant, plus size and beyond! I found these communities so helpful and supportive throughout pregnancy and beyond, and I still use them to this day. I particularly enjoy how honest and open everybody is regarding any concerns, positive or negative experiences. It is a great place to have a little whinge or just to express how happy and overwhelmed you may be feeling as they can all usually relate. Sometimes you do come across a few ladies who negatively over impose their views and opinions on others; which can turn things quite unpleasant. However the admin soon sort that out either by deleting the post, or not allowing any further comments on the post. 

Hospital & Midwife Appointments

Due to my weight, I had to have more hospital and midwife appointments than the norm, as they wanted to ensure all was remaining well with baby and me. I enjoyed every one of my appointments. It was always good and reassuring to get the ok's from the professionals which helped to provide me with some piece of mind during the pregnancy, especially during the early stages. 


Beautiful leggings. They are stretchy, comfortable, wash well, maintain their colour, can be dressed up or down, cost under £10 and used to fit over or under my bump so well. I thank you mr leggings for getting me through my pregnancy and still being there for me in my Mummy Uniform. 
The leggings of choice that I buy are from Next Tall range available here. 


Throughout my 9+ months of pregnancy I really enjoyed the foot satisfaction and relief I received from wearing these bad boys. 
Available in all colours and styles so they can be accessorised easily, I have just found them so comfortable. They are also my partners preferred footwear, so we are currently Mr & Mrs Vans and we will definitely be getting Cai some too . . . can anyone say the Vans family. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter 

No other cream does what cocoa butter does for my skin. I use it every single day and my skin always feels and stays moisturised. Smells yummy and cocoa butter is also good for stretch marks. I used this all over my body and on my bump which helped to ease the itching you can get there. It is just one of my favourite products ever.

Nail Polish

Thank you pregnancy for giving me long and strong nails. As you guys know, I enjoy experimenting and painting my nails. During my pregnancy I didn't really 'treat' myself to anything so painting my nails was a nice way for me to feel a little pampered. 
From around 7 and a half months pregnant I was having great difficulty in painting my toes :( I used to enjoy giving myself pedicures, however I couldn't handle any of the bending down, filing, cutting etc involved. 
My varnish of choice was and still is Barry M, so reasonably priced with a wide array of colours and this seems to be the only polish that doesn't chip so easily on me. 

A big thank you to our family and friends. They provided us with so much support, advice and love and were so excited for the arrival of Cai. 

I wrote the following when I was pregnant, the sentiment is still the same, so I wanted to post it organically without changing what I said then, so.....

A special thanks to my mummy. . . .
I love her endlessly and if I manage to be half of the mother she is, I know I would have done a good job. The most amazing woman in my life and she has put up with me for 24 years now! Thank you for all you do momma I appreciate you xxxx

Absolutely love this woman so much. My mummy. 

To my baby boy. I cannot wait to meet you, hold you and kiss you forever more. Thank you for your everyday reminders that you are still with us. Every kick, every stretch, every hiccup, every scan, every passing week has been the most magical experience of my life. You are the best thing to ever happen to me and you are not even here yet. We love you Cairo! xxxx

AND last but not least my partner Malachi.
He is a great man, my best friend, my partner, my other half and the soon to be father to our lil bumpy. He has put up with so much with me being pregnant, my lack of impatience, mood swings, hot flushes, hormonal changes, paranoia to name a few. He has remained supportive and stuck by my side through it all. I appreciate you and all the things you do for us. Thank you my Prince of Arabia love you xxxx


What helped you get through pregnancy? 

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