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Monthly Wishes : May

May Wishes - Mellies Corner
May has been a great month. I'm feeling more settled on my course (finally), and it was my mums birthday so was nice to spoil her a little too. We also have a new addition to the family in the form of a 6 month old kitten called Rufus. He is super cute and cheeky and I'm so happy we have him. 

Our wishes this month are quite practical .... well nail varnish in my life is very practical .... and the yellow/golden colour spectrum was totally by accident [but does look quite organised]. 

Here are our Wishes for the month of May. 

May Wishes - Mellies Corner

For Cai : 

This book is so lovely, not too lengthy and has a sweet moral of the story at the end. With quirky illustrations which are right up my street, this is one I cannot wait to add to Cai's book collection. We also love to watch an American lady read and sing this song - it's so catchy I'll pop a link below :). 

My son is such a boy and loves all things action, racing car, fast train etc etc. The one that he doesn't have, and needs in his collection is a digger/dumper toy. Little Tikes have this lovely dumper truck which is quite large, that will be perfect for Cai's outdoor play area.

For the House : 

Goodmans DAB Radio
A copper radio yes thank you. However our kitchen theme is green so a girl can dream can't she? We need an upgrade from the crusty old as anything cd/radio player we currently have. Plus my mum keeps singing the most inappropriate songs as we can never find stations, we need more Smooth FM than Choice FM in this house.

For the Kitty : 

I am definitely that person they made adverts for. I want EVERYTHING! All the steam mops, vanish, juicers, mineral foundations, bra things give them all to me. This looks like it'll be a great scratch post, brush and some kind of toy in one for a cat so, it's a yes from me. It is however on the pricier side of £19.99 so I will be looking for cheaper alternatives as the Mr Rufus may not like or use it properly.

For Me :

Yes WAH London nail polish. Steal Me. How gorgeous is this colour!!!! I need it in my life so will be saving/racking up my Boots points to spoil myself with a little purchase. 

I need a new study bag because oh my heavens the books and handouts we have are just ridiculous. I think I may have to give up with the smaller handle bags too as they just cut into your shoulders and who can be bothered to carry a tonne of books by their hands, so a backpack will help to balance the weight and look all golden and gorgeous while doing so. It's a yes from me.

I would love to know what things are on your May Wishes?

Here is the video to Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes book read by StoryTimeMomShy

Have you used any of the above items?

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