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Lemme Upgrade Ya

Mellies Corner is nearly a year old. Time really does fly when you are having fun.
I have really enjoyed blogging and being able to express myself creatively on this little corner of the net.
As you do....a little bit of reflecting here and there, I had a look at my blog and was wanting more.
When I started this blog I didn't really look into designs, layouts etc, I just signed up with blogger and started typing away.

I feel my creative blinkers are well and truly on at the moment and I had a random 1am impulse feeling, lusting after a new design for my blog.

I know that I know NOTHING about coding.
I know that I could not afford to pay someone to work with me on changing the look of blog.
So off I went to good old Google where I realised you could install themes for free that change your blog appearance.

And that is exactly what I did.
And I love it!
I think it is so me, so fresh, simple and much easier to read without loosing the personality of the blog.
It even works better than it did before on Smartphones, Iphones, Tablets etc.
View from smartphone. 
I installed my blog theme from the lovely and they have many gorgeous themes for all types of websites to choose from, so please do check them out.

I installed the theme myself on my blog and followed their Documentation document provided, which gives you advice on how to edit specific parts of the HTML. I know I get super scared any time I hit on 'Edit Html' because I don't want to ruin or replace anything by accident!
Once you begin editing within the HTML itself they had written helpful pointers in a different colour, for you to follow which was so helpful.

I was so impressed by the brains behind the theme design as the lovely Dee went above the norm to help me achieve the new blog layout I wanted; as I had a few glitches when adapting some of the layout and HTML.
They had a very quick response to my 'in need of help' email, kept in contact with me the whole time, fixed the little random bugs, explained things and gave me handy tips.
Such amazing customer service I am just so happy and really appreciative to him for all his help. So thank you Dee. I have definitely been upgraded :).
I have a few extra features to help tie everything together on my blog, and some remaining features definitely needed updating. 
By clicking on the navigation bar, it will bring you to the menu where you will find our updated About Us and Reach Me details. 

I hope that my blog is still easy to manoeuvre around, so do enjoy reading my chatty, at times random posts here on Mellies Corner. Can we just also take a minute to discuss my selfie game - or lack thereof, I literally need to take some decent pictures of myself as of yesterday. 

What do you think of my new blog design? 
Do you struggle with taking pictures of yourself?

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  1. Love the new theme babe.
    I'm right there with you on the selfie game or lack of like you said - argh even the thought of it makes me get anxious lol.
    Charlotte x

    1. Thank you Hun. This selfie game is serious lol especially when you try to take a decent one with a hench dslr :) we'll get there soon as summer brings much better lighting xx