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Alexander McQueen #SavageBeauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty - Mellies Corner
You know an exhibition was truly something when it sticks with you days after.
I went to see the perfectly titled Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A Museum and it was nothing short of amazing.

So intense,
Hauntingly beautiful,
With a real sense of sadness through many of the pieces,
Just stunningly beautiful.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty - Mellies Corner
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The V&A have housed and showcased the Alexander McQueen pieces perfectly. You get taken on such a journey with themed rooms, creative sounds, music, quotes that are almost hidden they feel like a secret from Alexander McQueen himself. Large and bold statements with background clues and history elucidating the influences and experiences that helped to inspire his work. They all work so well together and compliment the collection immensely.

To hear some of the influences that went into making collections like 'Eshu', 'The Girl Who Lived In a Tree' and his earlier pieces heavily influenced from his experiences at Saville Row was powerfully fascinating.
Alexander McQueen had such a statement to make and keep consistent throughout his work which you get to witness and understand through this exhibition.
The Girl Who Lived In A Tree AW/08 - Mellies Corner
The Girl Who Lived In A Tree AW/08 - sourced from
What A Merry Go Round AW/01 - Mellies Corner
What A Merry Go Round AW/01 sourced from 
You get seduced by the exhibition curated by Claire Wilcox and consultant curator Andrew Bolton, through the clothes, the presentation, the mannequins used. The detail of the rooms the pieces are housed in, the amazing visuals and the stunningly eerie pyramid - house to the Kate Moss hologram, which first appeared in Alexander McQueen's 2006 'Widows of Culloden' collection.

The pieces are exquisite with an unbelievable amount of skill and intricate detail involved which you get to appreciate at such close proximity. There are also snippets of some of his famous catwalk shows shown within the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' room which is like a sensory overload. So much to see, so much to take in, admire, enjoy, watch, listen and feel.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty - Mellies Corner
I recommend for any McQueen lovers, or any creative soul to visit this exhibition. It is a must see and you will not be disappointed. You will leave feeling something whether it be confusion, admiration, amazement or a sense of sadness. It is so worth it.

You can purchase tickets for the exhibition which is on until 2nd August 2015 here.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty - Mellies Corner

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