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Wellcome Collection : Photo Diary

Hey guys,
I am back today with a little something different for me, but I'm quite happy with how the post turned out.
As you all know I love to talk....(well type in this instance) however for my photo diary posts, I will be keeping the words to a minimum and letting the pictures do the talking ;).

Last Saturday Poumy, Simone and I went to see the Institute of Sexology exhibition at the Wellcome Collection London.
Was our first time visiting the Wellcome Collection and we had a lovely afternoon.

Unfortunately the Insitiute of Sexology exhibition did not allow photography so I got no pictures of the actual exhibition, but it was much more informative than sleazy. A lot of studies by none other than Freud, Marie Stopes and Alfred Kinsey to name a few.
It's so funny to think that at one time, oral sex and masturbation were illegal acts. Oh how times have changed.
There was also a chart held by 4 woman who documented various details on their sexual partners. From penis size, anal activties, to orgasm noises and professions, there were many a artist and many howlers while orgasming.

Do check out the Institute of Sexology if you can as it runs until 20th September 2015 and it is FREE.
On days when they are busy they do issue tickets to help keep things more organised - so do keep that in mind, but there is so much to do in the Euston area.

As we had to wait a while to view the exhibition, we had a little gander around the Wellcome Collection and it is a charming building. With various places to sit and relax, games to play, art to see, books to read, there is something for all here.

Please do check out the Wellcome Collection here if you have not visited before.

Was the first time I bought Bert - the camera out the house too, so I do hope you enjoy my photo diary numero uno.


Permanent Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection : Medicine Now

What is wrong with mankind? Answered by the general public

Heidi X : The True Horror of Cloning, 1998




The Reading Room

Pregnant woman from the shack of a voudun practitioner - Anan Antoine, c.1990





'Liquid Ground 1' photographic print - Helen Rynor, 2011

Here's a little video which should give you a little more insight into the Institute of Sexology exhibition.


Have you visited the Wellcome Collection? 

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