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Monthly Wishes : February

Another month down and another wishes post for you. 

Although I have received so much this month, I still have my eye on a few things and my bf has also added an item of his own too. 

Here are our February Wishes : 

The boyfriend : 

...........and that is it.

Bubba : 

Train Set 
Cai has a little magnetic wooden train set complete with little shrubbery and houses which he loves! He enjoys making all the choo choo noises and making different shaped train tracks. There is only so much he can do with his little set, so we are on the hunt for a larger one with twists, turns, caves the lot. I also love wooden train sets, they are so classic. 

Simple item but he only has one at the moment. I love hoodies for the days when excessive layering is not needed for bubba. Plus who doesn't love a little persons Adidas hoodie - they are well cute. 
[Also, is it hoody/hoody jumper/hoodie/hoodies? Who knows.  I do apologise if I have misspelt it.].

Me :

Essie Nail Polish
Doesn't this polish look like the perfect blue/grey combo nail polish ever! I definitely need it for my collection as I do love my blue nails. 

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
This little beauty has just transformed my daily mum face. I absolutely love it and will pay £20+ SO HAPPILY for it. So light weight but provides a surprisingly good amount of coverage too. A necessity in every ladies make up bag. 

So there are our Wishes for the month of February. I am pretty sure that within the next few days I shall be re-adding the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to my life and I canny wait. 
I would love to know what things may be on your February Wishes.

Have you used any of the above items?

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