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Monthly Wishes : January

Hey guys,

I love reading blogs and one of my favourite posts to read are monthly favourites.
I wanted to try to spread that love here on Mellies Corner but I am such a loyal consumer, that I would absolutely run out of things to favourite each month, by March :).

So with wanting to have a monthly feature on me blog, and having a million thousand items on my mental wish list...

was born :)

Nothing too deep. This will be where I share with you the products that have caught my eye, or that have been highly recommended, or products and items I am simply lusting after but will not commit to buying (for reasons outside of my control lol).

Most months will contain items from me and bubba, but papa bear will add his two pence here and there I am sure :). I hope you enjoy.

Here are our January Wishes :

January Wishes - Mellies Corner


These are some of my favourite little pants for Cai. They are a great alternative to joggers and much comfier than chinos or trousers. I also find they last for ages as Cai can still fit into a pair sized 9-12 months. They make an ideal nursery item too. 

This is selected by Mal and is on our book wish list for Cai. Another one we can remember from childhood that we want to add to Cai's book collection. 


I have heard such wonderful things about the flawless finish a beauty blender gives you. I love make up however, I can just do the basics but who doesn't want to achieve the flawless foundation look. I for one do....and this little tool is pink. Need I say more. 

These brushes are raved about and are known to be such good quality for purse friendly brushes. Instead of sloughing my way through all the Real Technique brushes to see which ones I need, this set essentially does it for you. 

This colour, I just cannot. I think it is absolutely beautiful, and appears to have such a great pink undertone to it too. However at £15 I don't think this is one that will be added to my collection, unless I am a very good girl and put aside my pennies. 

So there are our Wishes for the month of January. I shall keep you updated if any of them get added into our lives. 
I would love to know what things may be on your January Wishes. 

Have you used any of the above items? 

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