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Valentine's Day Tag

Valentine's Day Tag - Mellies Corner

Isn't February just the month of love......or so I like to believe.
It is my birthday on Valentine's day so I wanted to do a Valentines-ish related post on me blog as my posts may be more birthday related. 

In good ol' google I found this Valentine's Day Tag on Geeky Fashionista. Although I have not been tagged by a single soul, I decided I wanted to tag myself and answer the questions. 
Sad or what but who cares :) 

So keep on reading to see my answers to the 10 Valentines Day Questions.
1. What is your favourite Valentine's Day Treat?
At first I was like, what is a Valentine's day treat but after much brain picking, I think my favourite has to be a couples massage. 

2. Sweethearts or Chocolate Covered Strawberries?
Now I love the look and the nostalgia of sweet heart sweeties, but the grown woman in me wants ALL THE ROMANCE so definitely chocolate covered strawberries yum!

3. Your Favourite Valentine's Day Memory?
As my birthday is on Valentine's day that is where most of my focus is. However when we did celebrate, Mal and I had such a lovely meal in Mango Rooms Camden that made for a perfect love day meal. 

4. What Movie Would You Rather Watch on Valentine's Day : Pretty Woman or You've Got Mail?
Neither! I mean we loves a bit of Pretty Woman every 10 years or so, but my selection would rather consist of : Sex and City 1 or 2, Two Can Play That Game, Her or About Last Night [2014]. 

5. What Celebrity Would Be Your Valentine?
Omari Hardwick please and thank you. 

Omari Hardwick - Mellies Corner
6. What Would You Do On Your Perfect Valentine's Date? 
I think I would like my ideal Valentine's date to consist of: 
A parent free night
Hotel (If we are not able to be parent free at home due to the boy)
Chocolate covered strawberries
A massage
All the sex, wine and cheese
A good film and literally a good nights sleep with a lay in which sounds like perfection to me. 

7. Red or Pink Lips on Valentine's Day?
I think a pink lip. My current fave is Estee Lauder Ripe Raspberry. Such a gorgeous deep coloured magenta shade lipstick which suits dark skin tones so well. 

8. What Is Your Ideal Valentine's Day Outfit?
A black outfit with a hint of colour and gold details. 
A Little Black Dress with some texture 
A statement necklace or earrings. 
A good boyfriend blazer -it is freezing right now layers are important 
Pink strappy heels. 
YSL Clutch bag to finish off the outfit. 
We said ideal didn't we, a girl can dream.

Ideal Love Day Outfits - Mellies Corner
Dress : Oasis Stores 
Blazer : Hader Ackermann Oversized Blazer
Clutch Bag : YSL
Shoes : Alexander McQueen Skull Sandal

9, Home Made or Store Bought Gifts? 
I think it all depends on the person. I personally love home made gifts but store bought gifts win nearly every time, due to their ease and vast selection. 

10. Would You Wear Your Hair Up or Down for your Valentine's Day Night? 
Ideally I would love a nice tight high bun, however as we are #teamweave having your hair down is the normal way of life, so for me, hair down with some loose curls is how it would go. 

There we have it, the Valentine's Day Tag. 
Hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to read others if anyone else has done this tag.

How are you planning on spending Valentine's day this year? 

*A small disclaimer : I did change some of the wordings of some of the questions to make things run a little smoother*

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