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Sneaky Peeky Snaps #1

Hey ya'll.

It has been a long long time since I have posted a Sneaky Peeky Snippets post, and I've missed having them to look back at.

Soooo with that being said, I have decided to slightly amend my Sneaky Peeky Snippets into
Sneaky Peeky Snaps.

As that is what the posts are based on, sharing with you sneak peeks of our fortnight through pictures.

I also wanted to set myself some boundaries.....and have decided to give myself a maximum amount of pictures within these posts, as sometimes I can just get so carried away.

I post my honest life on here, and my blog is very personal to me. With that being said not every week will be filled with outings and exciting things as this is just our real life, and sometimes (well over here) not much is going on at all ..... and in honesty we like it like that too :) I will make sure the pictures will not be duplicates even if that means just one picture for the post.

I also hope this will make me develop my relationship with Bert - my camera as he is a gorgeous piece of equipment and I want to be able to do him some justice by capturing moments beautifully too.

So here is last fortnights, new and improved, Sneaky Peeky Snaps.

Pram sleeps after a fun packed afternoon at Nursery

Helping Mummy blog prep .... thanks Cai. You are so helpful :) 

Wellcome Collection Reading Room 

Kings of RnB - 112, Ginuwine, Tank & Joe with my friend Poumy. 
Was amaze-balls I lived so many childhood memories that night. 

Pre - Birthday meal with my girlies at the gorgeous Mem & Laz. 

Hope you have all had a lovely fortnight 

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