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Our Anniversary

Mal and I celebrated our anniversary this year on the 1st of January :).
It was quite a special one as it is our first anniversary together, since we have been reunited.
I did a small Happy Anniversary post if you wish to see.

I thought I would just follow things up with a small post and a few pictures showing you what we got up to.

Due to Mal's faith we make quite a big deal out of anniversaries; so I was so excited to finally buy him something big and have a 'extra special' day to celebrate. He treats me like a princess .... I mean his name is not Prince of Arabia for no reason lol.
I am super girly and very mooshy if you couldn't tell, so sorry in advance if this is a lil over kill but there are no kissy pictures so you are safe to see all ;).

We had our anniversary meal at Inamo in Soho, which is an oriental fusion restaurant......but we did not love. Not many options on the menu apart from Sushi (I read the wrong location menu on the internet, so the menu may differ at a different site) but the interactive tables were so fun. Think minority report for ordering food, with games to play and chefs to watch in the kitchen too.

Tiger King Prawns in something something with a gorgeous sauce - green nam jim!

This guy <3

A little background info - I bought the Lee Stafford Chopstick Curlers as I wanted really curly hair for the date, and wow. I was not prepared for the poodle hair I did have or for the time it took either lol. I think I curled too small sections so that is a note to self for next time.
For the next day I thought the curls would drop a little, however after the headscarf was applied and slept in, the hair had to be straightened as no bueno. It was a afro puff of bent curls and that is never a good look.

My mum kindly watched bubba and off we went on the weekend to a hotel - which was a surprise for me. I wish I had taken a picture of the bag we bought with us. 

We got the train to South Quay.
Went to the wrong hotel :)
Got a cab to the right hotel and it was ......
Radisson Blu Edwardian.
Absolutely stunning,
My phone pictures do not do this place justice.
Our room was gorgeous, so clean, so spacious and the staff there really do look after you so well!
I would definitely recommend them.

All was quiet and we actually chilled without hearing little footsteps throughout the house.
We watched some films.
Mal napped, I had a bath FULL with bubbles 'twas bliss.
We swapped gifts.
Ordered room service
& just spent some good quality time together.
(Although I did get a lil' delirious after one too many Jack Daniels' mixed with tiredness lol)

 Thank you to my bubs for making our anniversary so special.
I am so so so thankful for all he does for me, he is my sweetheart.
And thank you for my new boyfriend - Bert the camera :) 

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