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Mothers Meeting with Mamas & Papas : Armadillo City Launch


At the beginning of September I attended a special Mothers Meeting with Mamas & Papas to launch their new stroller - The Armadillo City. 
The event was held at the wonderful Ace Hotel Shoreditch, where us mummies took over the 7th floor. We had beautiful views of the city and even a man, getting put through his paces on a rooftop by a personal trainer.

As always it was such a friendly and positive environment. I smiled so much and met some lovely mummies and even lovelier babies.

Never forgetting the babies or little ones, there was a nail station for the little ones to get their nails did, face painted and balloon animals available. 
Gorgeous balloons by Bonbon Balloons decorated the main hall, meeting room and were a great toy for the little ones. I love attention to detail and everything followed the Armadillo City stroller colours - Black & Yellow. The balloons, the chairs, the stripes on the floor which we all thought were there for decoration purposes :).....little did we know.

We had an introduction from Olivia Robinson - Brand & Creative Director at Mamas & Papas, who gave us some background information on herself and the Mamas and Papas brand.
She then introduced us to the Mamas & Papas Armadillo City Stroller.
The Armadillo City was designed by Olivia's sister, a few extra touches were then added by Olivia and her mum, to make the stroller even more parent and baby friendly.

I think all us mummies were ooo'ing and ahh'ing once we saw that the Armadillo City stroller unfolded with one hand. Yes one hand. Yes a stroller that can unfold with just one.hand.
Now for me that is the stroller dream. I currently have a Silver Cross pram and we got a great deal on it, but it is not really outing appropriate.
With the Armadillo City you can push the pram with one hand/one handed steering which means : 
- You can hold an umbrella while pushing the pram
- You can fiddle for your oyster / ringing phone while pushing the pram to get to the bus
- You can hold hands while walking with your little one, while pushing the pram
Plus many more one handed pram pushing situations, without having your pram running into the side of the road, some body's ankles, the lamp post or getting completely and utterly drenched in the rain.
All the above has happened to me :(

Three mummies were then asked to have a fold off. 
2 major competitor prams put to the fold - unfold test. 
The Armadillo City won in leaps and bounds. So simple, no fights with handles and levers, you don't need to read instructions or get 5 x demonstrations and still struggle. 

We then had an introduction to two lovely ladies from Urban Walkabout who talked to us about great hidden gems across London. From things to do, classes, restaurants, doughnut shops, hidden beer gardens to name a few. A load of places that haven't been discovered and overrun by the trendies .... yet lol (apologies to any trendies that I have offended).
Do check them out here as there is so much to discover in this lovely place we call London. 

Welcome to the......
7 teams of 7 mamas had to unfold and refold the Armadillo City stroller with one hand.
The fastest team of mummies would win a Armadillo City stroller. Each. Yes a stroller.
Although it was a competition and there was a buggy on the line, the competition, well for me was so funny. So many giggling and smiling mummies throughout the race and a big congratulations to the winning team after the pram off. A mummy to be was part of the winning team and won herself a stroller and we all know how much of a big help that will be for her and her growing family.

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We were also treated to lunch from the Ace Hotel. From salads, to sandwiches and pizzas. I also tried my first Vita Coconut water and ummm.....after my first sip I will not be having anymore. Ever. They are not for me at all. 

I think we all had such a lovely afternoon, feeling a little spoilt having been in the gorgeous Ace Hotel with rooftop views and walking away with goody bags and for some of us prams.

Mothers Meeting you done it again.
Please do check them out here if you haven't done so already. They do something for everyone on a range of topics, in different locations with the invites extended to our bubbas.

A look into the goody bags from the event too. We were well treated that afternoon I tell ya. I went home a very happy mummy. Smiles for everyone on the bus lol. 
Thank you to Mothers Meeting, The Ace Hotel & Mamas & Papas for having us and showing us a great time. #mummypower

Treats from Mum & Me and Burt's Bees'.

Yu! Fruit Chews and A Mamas & Papas gift card.

Gorgeously illustrated guides of London areas from Urban Walkabout. 


What are your thoughts on the Mamas & Papas Armadillo City Stroller? 

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