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What We Loved This Summer 2014 : South Bank

We were lovin' summer this year. Especially on the days that were not so overly hot.
 You guys know how I feel about hot weather in the UK :).
I had wanted to explore and discover London with my boys as we may live, breathe and work in London, but we don't really see London and all it's wonders. 
So a trip to South Bank was in order for us and it was beau-ti-ful. 

It was the festival of love when we visited South Bank, so there was so much to see and definitely love in the air. 
I wanted to share some pictures from our trip there as we all had a good day and I went a bit snap crazy.

How excited do my boys look for our South Bank adventure. 

We started off at Waterloo station and walked down to South Bank in search of food for my boys. 

We had a lovely lunch at Giraffe to begin our trip. Baby needed refuelling lol. 

Then we went for a leisurely stroll. 

This little boy is my everything. I still cannot, believe you are mine. 

I love them. Very much. Seeing them together makes my heart melt. 

The bubble man had some serious bubbles going for the kiddies. 

The queue for the London Eye. No thank you, not today folks. 

Before we headed back home we couldn't do South Bank and not have an ice cream. 
Chocolate never lets me down and as you can see lil' man enjoyed too. 

Wearing Daddy's glasses. Doesn't he look a little like Malcolm X lolol. 



What do you think of South Bank? 

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