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Autumn/Winter Loves #1

I love Autumn/Winter. It is my favourite time of year.
Everything seems to slow down a little and the atmosphere, is so much more relaxed. 
Colours get deeper and richer, and layering can begin again. 

The only thing I would swap, is brighter skies for the rain in the days. All because I miss wearing my sandals. I am a sandal lover, yes to the breeze on the tootsies lol. But apart from that Hello my name is Mel and I am a Autumn/Winter lover. 

As I always say, with change comes the need to add or re find, certain things that are more appropriate for the impending change. 

So for this post I will be showing you guys a few lifestyle and home items, I am looking forward to buying or getting out of the cupboards for these Autumn/Winter months.

A/W Part 1

A/W Part 2

As you can see from the above I am going for comfort, relaxation and comfort again.
All things snuggling and cosy time with my yummy fella and son. What better way to spend cold and rainy nights in (once bubba is in bed) than snuggled under a big warm blanket, with your cosy home socks on, while watching an old favourite film, while having an alcoholic beverage (or three).  

Now I know I stated cocktail in the above picture, but I do not discriminate
Wine, Cognac, Whiskey, Cider, Brandy, Gin + others you are all welcome into my life lol. 
However, for those nights or mornings where alcohol is just not what is needed; what better drink to have, than a hot chocolate with all the extra trimmings. From marshmallows, cream or cinnamon sticks to give your hot chocolate that extra A/W tender love & care.

There are so many classic films that I have yet to introduce Mal to. That is one of my girlfriend missions this year, well with what remains of it. I am sure I will have to introduce some form of treat system and get my bribes ready, as many of them are pretty rom-comy. So watch this space.

I enjoy doing any of the above with gorgeous candles burning, spreading the warm and yummy flavoured autumn goodness around the house. 

What are some of your home/lifestyle loves or wants for Autumn/Winter? 

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