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Back to School : Uniform II of III

In sticking with the back to school traditions, there are some things which I have carried over from my many years at school. One of which is the use of a uniform. Not a school uniform per say, but I like to try to have in my head, what clothes I will be wearing to attend school. This helps me to not wear out my good clothes (remember those?) and help to limit those - I have nothing to wear moments in the morning.

It does not take much or anything really for me to create wishlists, mental notes and saved items of all the gorgeous clothes I wish to add to my wardrobe.
Especially now the weather is a-changing I mean it's just wishlist central around here.

So here are a few pieces I would like to add to my wardrobe and/or will be wearing for my return to school.

1. Shirt Dress (alternative here)
2. Longline Shirt (alternative here)
3. H&M Oversized Jersey T-Shirt £12.99
4. Dorothy Perkins Fit & Flare Dress £18.70
5. H&M Print Superstretch Trousers £14.99

I am absolutely all about shirt dresses. They are such a smart/casual dress piece. They are very work or school friendly without compromising on style, or worrying about showing off too much leg or boob, due to the button down feature. This also allows you to choose the amount of cleavage (if any) you want to have on show. Personally I tend to like a lil' summin' summin' nothing wrong with the lady lumps getting a little air lol.
I like to try to keep my colour palette quite neutral, that way I am able to mix and match a lot more. Including print on your trousers is a great way to add a little spice to your wardrobe, you can also counter the print with the wardrobe staple piece - the white shirt. You can even add a little edge by wearing a longline shirt with leggings for comfortability, or more dressed up with a pair of trousers. 

1. Non-black Blazer
 H&M Wide Jacket £24.99
2. Length + Texture Blazer
Zara Long Fleece Blazer £49.99
3. Standard Blazer
Dorothy Perkins Boyfriend Blazer £35.00

Nothing helps me to feel more put together than a blazer. I feel they make an outfit and can be worn with trainers, sandals, boots, shoes you name it. I am happy to spend a little more than usual on a good blazer, as they will last you a long time if looked after properly. I like blazers with a different print or colour on the inside lining, as when folded up at the arms, they can add some small detail to an outfit. I also enjoy blazers that are a looser fit, or have a longer length to them as they are a lovely take on the traditional tailored blazers. 

1. H&M Leather Shoes £29.98
2. New Look Patent Loafers £17.99
3. Nike Roshe Run trainers
4. Topshop Max Loafers £35.00
5. H&M Sneakers £14.99

I love loafers for all year round. Real leather shoes are also a great investment piece as they tend to last longer, are more comfortable and can be mended better (in my experience) after a bit of wear and tear. As mentioned in my pregnancy saviours I am still enjoying vans/plimsolls. The high street now has some amazing plimsolls or sneakers (as they call them) that are currently 'on trend' at a much cheaper price also.

What are some of the things that you would include on your back to study uniform?

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