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Back to School : Bags III of III

I could not do a back to study clothes and bag post together.
They each need their own time to shine.
So for this post I will be focusing on back to school/study appropriate bags. And we all know I feel about bags :)

Back in the day when I was at school, before the beginning of the new school year I would trawl up and down Oxford Circus in search of a mini Nike backpack.
Who remembers these......Memories!
This bag would hold it all, the anthology, your exercise books, diary, pens, hair gel, brush, sweets and panda pops lol. The good old days. I literally had these backpacks in so many colours and designs. My favourite I found in a Nike shop in France which was teal blue, with a see through grey bottom. Yes please.
Now I am older, know better and need more space for things, I have more age and personal style appropriate options. Any excuse for shopping eh.

1. New Look Grid Backpack £22.99
2. New Look Silver Formal Zip Front Backpack £19.99
3. New Look Quilted Backpack £17.99

New Look seem to be the current kings of the backpack. They are affordable, stylish and oh so neat, I was impressed. A backpack is not an item I would usually steer towards however I feel that certain backpacks can add a little edge to an outfit. New Look have backpacks in many shapes and designs with print or textures which I am loving.

1. Zara Reversible Contrast Shopper £29.99
2. New Look Baroque Lasercut Tote £27.99
3. Zara Shopper with Buckle £19.99

We can also count on Zara to deliver on accessories, bags, kids wear you name it.
The above bags are structured so well and the reversible bag is, reversible. You can have a neutral colour with a pop on the inside, or have a brighter colour on the outside (the orange) with a neutral inside. Win win!
I also like baroque laser details on bags. Having this towards the top of the bag adds just enough detail to a white standard bag. I am also loving the goldy coloured hardware on this bag, as I am all about gold hardware on everythang.

1. Monki Almira Bag Cry 4 Me Tote £6.99
2. Ted Baker Emacon Shopper Bag £39
3. Asos Mesh Beach Bag £15.00
4. Mango Pebbled Shopper Bag £29.99

The good old shopper bag. They are so handy, usually hold everything, although the one downside, they usually do not have separate sections and I am a section lover.
I do feel they are a great option for going back to school, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money on getting a 'school/study bag'. They are also usually big enough to house A4 documents well, without having to bend anything to fit them in.

Ladies, you know we have to ensure we allow positive thoughts into the universe. I have to make sure that the worlds equilibrium is right so I cannot not post my luxury back to school bag.

The beauty that is the Sophie Hulme Leather Tote bag
Black + Gold Hardware + Large Bag + Leather is just a win in every situation. 

So there it is my back to school bag wishlist. I may even do a what's in my school/study bag if anyone would be interested in seeing that too.

What bag would you steer towards for a back to school bag?

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