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Back to School : Stationery I of III

To kick off my 3 part mini Back to School series, I wanted to start with non other than the school/study essentials : Stationery.
I am quite nerdy when it comes to stationery. I like particular pens, paper, notebooks, notepads the works. I just feel like they help my brain to focus. At school before a new term my mum and I would pop to WHSmith and get all new pens, pencils, maths sets, folders etc for school. We all would sit there in class on the first day back, looking well proud when we pulled out our new pencil cases. However usually for me after about two weeks, I would be that pupil that would always be asking to borrow a pen, rubber, pencil, ruler, highlighter, sharpener everythang lol.

I am going back to study this Autumn/Winter and I'm really looking forward to it. As with any new thing that means new equipment is usually needed. [I.e shopping]. Doesn't it?
So as quite the stationery lover I have created my stationery wish lists below.
* Nerd alert*

I like my notebooks to be hardback, spiral or wire bound with ruled pages. Bonus if they have the pages with the darts down the side so they are easier to tear out yes please.  

USB sticks are one of the most necessary items. Always back up your work on one of these bad boys. They come in many sizes and designs too from lego to pizza to Simon Cowell I kid you not. Personally I prefer anything pink or sparkly, you can never have enough sparkle.

The calculator, one of those items you always need but I just can never find one [apart from on my phone]. They come in such cute colours and designs now too. I'm no mathematician so nobody has time to do long division in my head :). 

Plastic Wallets
I find plastic wallets and sleeves are a marriage made for a lifetime. You can have a great inject of colour with the wallets but, I also find them a great alternative to folders, which can be more on the bulky side. Plastic wallets do not take up much room and are flexible enough to keep your work tidy and fit into most bags. 

I underestimated the importance of paperclips until my previous job, I went through many pots of these little helpers. Helpful in keeping sheets together, work together, marking multiple pages and are also available in different sizes, designs and colours. My choice of paperclip colour are....I'll let you guess.

I am quite a fan of using a pencil case, they help to contain pen spills or explosions (we've all had the nightmare pen ink explosion in your bag that then splatters onto everything else). I find it also handy to have a small case that is easily accessible that will keep all my pens, pencils, highlighters etc in one place.

Highlighters and post it notes for me go hand in hand. Sometimes you are not able to highlight a book or your work. So having post it notes are not only great for making quick reference notes, but the mini versions can also mark pages, sections of books and/or your work. I find it easiest to stick to a colour code which makes it easier to refer back to specific sections.

The most important asset the pen.
Paper Mate Inkjoy pens
They come in many colours, shapes and writing points. I tend to stick to black ink biro pens, especially for work. In school I used to loveeee the Berol handwriting pens however they are not the most appropriate, as I know they do not mix well with any form of liquid. So I shall be sticking to the trusty biro! Maybe a gel pen here or there. However after seeing the new paper mate advert I actually said out loud I need those pens in my life. They dance and everything. Take a look for yourselves .....

So there you have it, my back to study stationery wish lists.
I will let you know what I actually buy and use for my courses.

What are your favourite stationery items?

** Image used for header, art pieces by Dalton Ghetti - 'Linked' & 'Little Heart' **

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