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Sneaky Peeky Snippets : Boys Weekend

Hi guys. 

A week or so ago we had my 2 nephews and cousin staying with us for 4 nights and I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of what we got up to.

We also experienced a first as parents as our little man Cai decided he wanted to take a poo in our front room. Yes right on the floor. A lovely large poo just causally there. Mal also stepped in it which is how we discovered his 'present'. That morning he had taken off his nappy and I'm guessing that is when the deed was done. So we are going to be potty training Cai very soon, as I think these are little signs he may be ready for the introduction to Mr Potty.
Told you guys that motherhood is glamourous :).

I had been surrounded by boys and nothing but boys for a few days and it was a wonderful and interesting experience.
I had not painted my nails and my mani tried to stretch, and I mean stretch to last me all of 3 days. 
I had forgotten to charge my Ipad for 4 days. 
I had not been able to properly plan blog posts for 4 days. 
I was completely immersed in auntie and mummy duties and it was wondrous. 
I had never washed up so many times in one day. 
I had not changed the toilet roll so many times in a few days.
I have not had to clean the toilet seat so many times in one day lol. 
I had not wondered about feeding more than one boy 3 - 5 times a day. 
I had not seen so many Batman and Spiderman outfits and pyjamas. 
I had not prepped so many toothbrushes and given so many baths. 
I had not seen and washed so many little boxers (obviously Spiderman and Batman too). 
I had not watched so many episodes of The Regular Show and Adventure Time (which I am sure Mal was all too happy about). 
I had not seen so many Wii and Playstation games. 
I had not heard so many screams, giggles and play fighting.
I don't think I have heard myself call out 'Cairo' and 'No' so many times. 
I had not seen my son make so much mess. 
He ran after them everywhere, up and down the stairs, around the house, shrieking and giggling away.
It was an absolute joy having them, they are so well behaved and it was beautiful to watch Cairo wake up to, play with during the day and go to bed with his cousins. I love my babies.

- I painted my niece's toes. Obviously pink, so cute! She was then forced to wear sunglasses by Cai. 

- Pyjama's and toothbrushes at the ready.

- We had a lovely afternoon at the park. Lots of climbing, football, running and Cai eating crackers.

- I was then terrorised by pigeons, and if you know me, you can imagine the shriek I let out when I turned right and there they were. Eww.

- Somebody was a sleepy bear and daddy had to carry him all the way home on his shoulders, asleep. For the non parents that is not as easy as you think it would be :).

- We also went swimming with the boys, which I couldn't take pictures of....Mellie needs her a GoPro camera lol. We had so much fun and Cai really enjoyed floating and even knew how to kick his little legs to try to swim. Let the hunt for affordable swimming classes begin (again).
As a little treat after swimming we took the boys to MaccyDee's.

- Cai's socks and sandals. Yes.

- My handsome boys made cupcakes. They were so good and even decorated them with J's for their names.

I cannot wait to have my brood. Please do remind me of this when I hopefully have my next baby. 
However, I do not know how you mummies of more than one do it.
Do you ever get used to it? Does it ever get easier? Lol. Are you ever not tired. I mean really. 
WHAT in heavens do you do when you are ill? 
Mal and I once we had put them to bed would look at each other and ask how our sisters do it?
How do any parents/mummies with more than one little one do it?
This post is dedicated to all you mummies of multiples out there. SUPAMUMS!

My house was filled with so much love, laughter, noise and mess. It was just great and I cannot wait for our family to grow. 

What are some of your tips in keep sane when looking after more than one little one :)? 

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