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Cai's S/S Wish List : H&M Edit

Hey guys,

I had a different post scheduled for today, then I went onto H&M online and oh my days.
I absolutely love H&M kids clothes. They are generous with sizing and length, as my boy is tall & slender and they wash super well. Also the price - they are so affordable and usually come with such cute designs.
The only thing that usually puts me off shopping at H&M online is their delivery. Once you get used to Asos - next day delivery or normal shops taking 3 - 5 days. H&M just ain't cutting it with their 15+ days sometimes. I am impatient so that just doesn't fit into my life lol.

As we are heading into warmer months I wanted to share with you H&M items that are on Cai's Spring/Summer Wish List. I have tried to whittle down my list to the NEEDS as there are just so many things I could literally be here forever! I have listed all links below too so hope that is of help.


*Do keep your eyes peeled in Primark for a jacket similar to this but at a fraction of the price*



1. Fisherman's Hat £2.99

2. Patterned Velcro Trainers £7.99

3. Pj's £7.99

4. Sandals £5.99 

5. Straw Hat £4.99 

It definitely looks like I have a little navy/grey/blues/black with some neutrals colour scheme going on, which was done by accident. I like to have pieces in his wardrobe that he can wear in various ways with different items. It also helps so much when you have similar coloured clothes when it comes to the laundry!

If that wasn't enough, the H&M magazine was delivered today and I just about died when I saw this little ensemble.

I have already placed an order with H&M and will update you with the new additions to Cai's wardrobe along the way.

What is your favourite item from those above? 

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  1. Oh my word this is just too cute! That little suit! Gorgeous :)