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AMAZING ANIMALS : The Book I Want to Frame

Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
I always go on about how wonderful social media can be, and this is definitely one of the great things to come from the visual world of Instagram.

While I was pregnant which feels like many moons ago :( I used to look at other mummies who were #20weeks or so pregnant like me. I saw this fellow mummy to be and added her straight away! Lo and behold we also had our babies on the same day too *labour buddies* lol.
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
The lovely Yasmin captured while making Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals is a children's book made by one hot mama Yasmin...who is a mummy to a gorgeous little girl.

You can find more on the lovely Yasmin at the following :

Instagram : @mrsyasminhood
Email :

Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
Seeing the progression of drawings on Yasmin's Instagram to now a physical book is amazing. I am so happy to say that the book stays very true to its title.
Amazing Animals is not only illustrated but written by Yasmin as well. How she has managed to do this to such great quality while being a mummy is beyond me.

This book is a light read for our little ones with rhymes on each page for each animal. Don't all kids love to see you make the weirdest faces and noises for their entertainment and you get a bag full of that within this book. I tell you my animal impressions are WAY OFF. Sometimes I find Cai looking at me like 'erm mum are you ok there?' but it's all for their joy isn't it. My little man enjoys reading this book with me and I will often find him flicking through the book looking at the pages by himself. [As you can see below he had to get himself involved when I was trying to take pictures of the book]
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
The illustrations within the book are absolutely stunning! I cannot rave about them enough.
This book and illustrations are so far from the generic puppies, mummies, teddies etc with a :) lifeless face and story. I love that Yasmin has featured animals that are not typically in children's stories. The animals in the book are so gutsy and depicted with such character and chromatic colours, I love & want to frame them.

There are many aspects to parenting that I love, with reading with my Pikachu being one of the many greats. Having something so beautifully illustrated that is suitable for my little boy is just what I am after. I really appreciate gems like this and wanted to share our love for this book on my little corner of the net with you guys. 
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner
Whether you are buying for your own bubba or as a gift, this is a definite must have for a little persons book collection. Amazing Animals by Yasmin Hood is available for £13.95 including postage & packaging and can be purchased through email from Yasmin at

Well done to you Yasmin, you have a glorious book on your hands.

Do follow Yasmin Hood at the above details as she is also in the makings of another book which I for one, cannot wait to get me mitts on xx.
Amazing Animals Yasmin Hood - Mellies Corner

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